Jeff Hanneman guitar stickers replica vinyl decal Slayer Jackson Full Set 22

New vinyl stickers without background

Black Flag, SURF!, Johnny Rotten, RAIDERS,  Wasted Youth, PID, Circle Jerks, OBNOXIOUS, Anarchy, Punk rock violence is sinister, WHO ARE THESE PUNKS?,  Chevrolet logo, Yin Yang, Dead Kennedys, WAFFEN, THE EXPLOITED, Angry Young And Poor, skull, Grind…

– High Quality decal sticker 
– It is die cut Stickers. There is NO BACKGROUND. 
– Clear application tape is already applied. (So it will be easy to install following detailed instructions in minutes)
– Indelible & non-fading Stickers
– Sticker is not afraid of water

– Long service life
– Color is white (Stickers are also available in black)
– Stickers for all kinds of guitars

Material: Vinyl

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